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Wednesday 8 December 2021
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EN 71

    The European standard EN 71 designates safety requirements for toys sold in the European Union. To legally sell a toy in Europe, a product needs to be certified by a notified body which then allows to assign a CE mark if it complies with these norms, which takes into account the characteristics of the toy itself, its packaging, instructions, and labelling.

    Toy manufacturers are required to draw up a European Commission Declaration of conformity before their product is placed on the market. This declaration is a statement of compliance with BS EN 71-1 and the EU Directive. This BS EN 71-1 standard provides a practical guide to meeting these requirements, including testing the mechanical and physical properties of materials used, essential safety measures, packaging and labelling. The guidelines also apply to baby toys and soft toys.

It comprises 11parts, each related to a specific feature and are organised as follow:

  • EN 71-1: Mechanical and physical properties
  • EN 71-2: Flammability
  • EN 71-3: Specification for migration of certain elements
  • EN 71-4: Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities
  • EN 71-5: Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets
  • EN 71-6: Graphical symbols for age warning labelling
  • EN 71-7: Finger paints
  • EN 71-8: Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
  • EN 71-9: Organic chemical compounds – Requirement
  • EN 71-10: Organic chemical compounds – Sample preparation and extraction
  • EN 71-11: Organic chemical compounds – Methods of analysis
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