Testing News » U.S. standard ANSI Z80.3-2001
Wednesday 30 September 2020
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U.S. standard ANSI Z80.3-2001

This test is needed for all kind of sunglasses to be sold within USA.

- The test includes three transmittance categories.

  - According to the ANSI Z80.3-2001 standard, the lens should have a UVB (280 to 315 nm) transmittance of no more than one per cent and a UVA (315 to 380 nm) transmittance of no more than 0.3 times the visual light transmittance.

  - The ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard includes yests for basic impact and high impact protection.

    - In the basic impact test, a 1 in (2.54 cm) steel ball is dropped on the lens from a height of 50 in (127 cm).

    - In the high velocity test, a 1/4 in (6.35 mm) steel ball is shot at the lens at 150 ft/s (45.72 m/s).

To pass both tests, no part of the lens may touch the eye.

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